Why They All Want to Be Seduced By YOU


Everyone, young old, man, woman.  They all have a yearning inside of their soul.  That is a yearning to be relevant to someone.  To be seen by someone, to be validated by someone.  


The highest peak of anyone’s life are those moments where they were made to feel wanted, desired and seen.  This is one of the keys to magnetism, which I wont go into here as its  a learning process.  The understanding of it comes in stages.


The important key is in understanding that you cannot be desired or alluring by invalidating others.  The expression of snobbery, being unapproachable, turns everyone off. 


Being seductive in love or in business is not about being aloof but about opening the channels for others to feel comfortable first.  


The second key as to why we all want to be seduced is that we all want to move beyond the ordinary.  We are all inspired by the extraordinary.  What that means is that anyone who can take us beyond the ordinary attitude, the ordinary seduction, the ordinary outcome, is going to be very exciting to be around.  


Now with that said, the extraordinary does not always have to be over the top.  It could be in small but numerous enough ways that it triggers our excitement about that person.


Third, it is exciting to be on the receiving end of someone being obcessed with you.  As well, on the other end, its is tremendously exciting for the other person who feels obcessed about you.


Do you see how amazing that is?  Do you see the juice that is created from a game of seductive entanglement?  It is exhilarating! 


Those moments are often the greatest memories in a person life span.  Those moments of shear seductive bliss! 


When you understand that people want to be seduced into falling for you, loving you, obsessing over you, then you have already won the first half of the battle.  The second phase to fully winning is in knowing how to do it.