Seduction Secrets: 3 Attitudes Which Kill a Person’s Attraction For You

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e all want to be perceived as attractive by others, sometimes our effort is a hit, while other times it’s a miss. For a few men and women their desire to possess bionic powers when it comes to having an overwhelming impact on others is their goal, and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, a lot of people are doing many things wrong in the dating and attraction arena. They create the same attitudes again and again which cause others to run away.

If your desire is to seduce others, then you must learn the secrets and by learning I do not mean simply reading a book or an article. I mean you must willingly test out certain methods in building yourself to become a very skilled seductress.

Seduction is a powerful tool for attracting the people that you want. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman you can learn the secrets that will ensure more people being drawn to you.

However, before you can understand the seduction secrets let’s take a look at the three attitudes which may be killing your success.

The Anti-Seduction
Attitude Number One

The first and most common attitude that can kill your chances of seducing anyone is complaining about your ex. When you get caught up in complaining about your past relationships, this can leave that ugly impression with the one you’re trying to seduce. Besides seduction is all about creating excitement, mystery and sexual energy.

When you complain about your past you are defusing the mystery and excitement that the other person may feel about you. Save all of your gory details and complains for much later on.

The Anti-Seduction
Attitude Number Two

Do you want to know the attitude that will quickly kill anyone’s feelings to you? There is no greater turnoff than when you point out all of your flaws.

The funny thing is that men do it just as well as women. Showing someone how fat you’ve gotten or all the many things you may feel insecure about is not seductive at all.

You may want to believe that honesty is the way to go, but showing your flaws will cause others to lose any appeal they may have towards you.

People overlook another person’s flaws when that person speaks positively about their so-called flaws. Simply put, if you highlight an issue as a flaw they will see it as such too.

One guy who is a bit over weight may feel down about his body and compare himself to another guy who is more muscular.

However, on the other hand, there may be another guy across town with the identical body shape, size, height and tell himself that he is a big guy. By big, he means a guy with presence. He will see himself as a manly man and women will flock to him.

He will do what the other guy cannot achieve. He will achieve admiration and respect.

That also applies for women who compare themselves with other women who they think has a prettier face. Get over it! Sometimes a woman with a larger nose, crooked eyes can be so bold, sexy and attractive that you can’t get enough of her.

It is the totality of the person that counts. It is the movement, the flare, the personal interest, their confidence. Those are what matter!

Besides, people only see weakness when you think and feel weakness within yourself. Also, those people who master the seduction game understand that looks are only a small part of the game.

The Anti-Seduction
Secret Number Three

Becoming too available too quickly is the anti-seduction secret number three. While you want to build up strong rapport between you and the person that you are attracted to, you must learn to create a balance.

This is the technique I call the two-glass principal. You and your partner both are two glasses waiting to be filled up. However, if you pour all of the contents of your glass into their glass then there’s nothing left to give.

This is where intense burnout happens. Most people don’t seem to be able to watch for the signs and know when to pull away and when to return. Of course, you don’t want to pull away too frequently or too soon but you do want to create a perfect seductive balance.

In conversation don’t go full force into heavy topics, pull back a little and bring some humor next time. Be mindful of your approach so you don’t lose yourself too fast.

At first it would seem like work to focus on watching yourself but in the long run this is a very good skill to have. All this comes down to is not burning someone out. At times we can overdo it. A man can call a woman 10 times a day and see nothing wrong but for her she begins to no longer miss him.

How can she miss him, he is choking her? You cannot seduce someone if you are suffocating them.

It’s a Skill…

Seduction is a game, a valuable one. Once you understand seduction you can seduce anyone. Your chances of being desires at large increases greatly but what is most valuable in all of this, is the undeniable confidence in knowing that you are wanted immensely.

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