How to Turn His Indifference Towards You into Intense Curiosity

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How many times have you been attracted to a man who just didn’t seem to notice or even seem to care? His indifference may seem to indicate rejection but that is not always the case.

Here are 3 Common Reasons
Why He May Seem Indifferent

  1. He is preoccupied with personal issues.
  2. He does a one over and doesn’t think you are his type.
  3. He may assume that you would not consider him your type, so why bother!


Of course, there are a host of other reasons he may seem indifferent, that does not mean he did not notice you.


For most women this would be a sign to stop. They would see that as a form of rejection and turn their interest elsewhere. While on the other hand, your interest may be so great that you can’t let it go, you need to get his interest directed at you. As the saying goes, “nothing beats a failure but a try.”


So how then do you shift his attention to you without seeming desperate or needy?



Here are 3 Deviously, Delicious Little Tricks
to Get His Full Attention



Step #1 – Get Noticed!
Place yourself in a setting where he will get to see you very often. At this phase don’t give him any attention what so ever. Don’t let him know you are eyeing you.


This part may be very hard to do but its quite necessary that he spends enough time observing you without any contact. That also, includes any eye contact or even smiles.


Keeping to yourself will keep you a mystery to him and that will add curiosity. Let that curiosity build up, don’t be too eager or desperate. Desperate, eager energy will always work against you.


Step#2 – Expand Your Feminine Energy. By that I mean become your fluttery feminine self. When you are in close range of him, be alive.


However, do not go overboard. You don’t want to seem obvious or foolish but do become in touch with your body language. Let your body language express, joy, fulfillment and lots of sensuality. All the while, completely ignore him.


Let him see and wonder about you. There are some powerful techniques that can create a warm, web like connection to his heart. If you so desire to learn these powerful magnetic secrets I encourage you to sign up to the free package on this site.


Step #3 – Go Deeper.
Yes, get the 411 on this guy. One of the fastest ways of getting a man or anyone’s attention is to show you are interested or knowledgeable about what they are interested in.


If he is into something that you have no prior knowledge about, ask around for someone who has the expertise in that particular thing. The trick is to do it in ear shot of him. If it’s something you are skilled in or have knowledge in then show your skill or knowledge with others around him. Let him see or hear you sharing  your interest on the matter.

What is Really Happening 


When you remove all contact from him by not acknowledging him, you switch the dynamics. You are the one now being observed.


Also, there is another factor.  You give him the space to see you without him being observed by you. You give him the space to build an interest in you. Men are visual beings; they get easily excited by.observing a woman.


Men my nature are wired to hunt and conquer, when you are not an easy target it sets his masculine ego into over drive, wondering how, to now pursue you. Let him have the pleasure of seeing you without him becoming familiar with you too quickly.


What to Do Next – At this point he is clearly aware of you. You have placed yourself in his line of vision and he is probably pining over why you are not interested in him. Yes, the tables have turned.


Soon enough he makes an attempt to get to know you better or at least get your attention. This is where the situation has switched and while you may easily give in to his advances because its what you wanted all along, its best to precede slowly.


As a matter of fact, this is where you can apply some of the secrets found in the secrets of magnetism program. You would be surprise at just how much power you have to greatly affect a person’s feelings in your favor.


If you are really into this guy and truly feel he is someone worth knowing, getting him to feel your energy and be captivated by it is a key element, in you getting him to really want you.


Often times, women get eager, desperate to show their feelings and this often backfires on them.


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