How to Make Him Want You Again When His Attention Seems to Be Drifting to Someone Else

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Do you want to know how to make him want you again even when he seems to have his attention on someone else? There are two key factors which drive a man away from you or inspires him to move towards you. 


Those two factors are chemistry and comparability.

It can be heart breaking when you discover that the guy you love is giving his attention to another woman. This could tear any woman’s heart into tiny pieces. It can cause you to look at yourself in the mirror with painful, judgmental eyes.


Stop, before you go too deep and allow one man’s need to affect your self-worth, stop. Take a good honest look at yourself before you fall into self-despair.


One of the first things you need to understand is this. People choose each other base on a deep inherent need.


That need is not personal to you. If you take the time to find out where he is in this head space you can then create a cohesiveness and compatibility in the moment.


Men seek out qualities in women which give them a boost and those qualities could vary from man to man. The key is to discover this man’s driving need. 


If you don’t know his needs then he can’t connect with you beyond the first stage of sexual intimacy.  if you can’t figure out his primary drive then a connection just won’t be made.


It’s that thing that’s pressing on the inside of his mind no matter what he is doing, even while having sex with you. If you don’t know or understand his particular switch, he will never truly connect with you. Which means he will always be looking for it in some other person. The true chemistry between you and he will never build.


How to Make Him Want You Again
Even If His Attention is On Someone Else


Don’t beat yourself up because he seems to have chosen someone else.  That other person is filling a need in him that you haven’t taken the time to fill.


Maybe the other person is bringing adventure, excitement, or the other person may be a listening ear, along with sexual excitement.


This may not sound very good to hear at the moment but the reality is this, we are all possessed by some nagging desire as well as the driving motivation to fulfill that need.


When you feel, underappreciated, it’s easy to feel a bit jealous. Feel the jealousy for a second or two, then pull back. Pull your energy back and bring it to yourself. You may feel inclined to start attacking your partner or beating yourself up, but that’s worthless energy.


This sort of energy will quite soon make you very unattractive. Its ok to mope for a day or two but all the while think of a plan to put all your energy into feeding yourself. When you spend time nurturing yourself and feeding your mind with confident boosting information your energy will become much stronger.


Men Are Drawn to Strong
Confident, Feminine Energy


Often in relationships or even dating the same person for long periods, can often make us too comfortable.  So comfortable we get that we often loose our shine and our spark and along with that lost of self care comes a very familiar, not so exciting energy. 


When you begin to care for yourself again, he will begin to feel, that powerful energy you are giving to yourself and it will turn his attention to you.


Of course, you may feel a bit weak and think to give him your full attention again, the moment he shows an interest, but don’t give in.


Keep feeding yourself with more attention. Ignore him for a bit, have no fear of pushing him away. It may seem counter intuitive to ignore him at a time when you want his attention most but this is a reverse psychology step.


This time, should be more about you gaining back the good feeling and good energy you may have lost. The more you invest in yourself the more your energy grows and the more radiant you become.  Self care is the greatest thing you can do for yourself in such a situation because as stated before, the care in yourself will bring out your shine.


Of course, there comes a time when you must become balanced again and share your energy. That is something you decide based on when you feel strong enough, solid enough in your own self.


Men are always drawn to women who nurture themselves. Men are fixated by the softness and the feminine aspect of a woman. As you spend time building yourself, he will observe you with new eyes.


In that time, you can also learn the secrets of magnetism. Learn step by step how to build your own very powerful magnetic presence, become desirable within yourself.


Allow your whole being to become more alluring. Part of your desirability is about properly connecting with him.  Knowing how to connect with a man is crucial to getting him to want to stay with you. 


The girl or woman who gets a man to think of her is not the girl who is without game. Everyone has their point of allure, some are consciously using it, while others seem totally clueless and think their appeal is in a tube of lipstick.


When you learn how to be more magnetic, you don’t lose your sensual allure at any time or your ability to effectively connect.


You are the source of desire all the time and you confidently embrace it. You don’t compete and you don’t allow a man to determine how you get to feel about yourself, regardless of whom he desires.


How to Make Him Want You Again
Cheat Sheet

How to Make Him Want You Again Don’t How to Make him Want You Again Do’s
Don’t chase him EVER. Men are the hunters. when you chase a man you push him further away. Because chasing implies that you are empty and needy. Instead learn how to make him want you again, so he chooses you instead.
Don’t get angry and start casting blame. Men shut down when you express heated anger. It puts him on the defense and he is more inclined to feel rightful for choosing someone else. Find meaningful ways to heal your emotions quickly. Talk to your girlfriends or at least one of them whom you trust, read a good book. Work out a bit harder, as working out will allow you to produce feel good hormones which will help you fast.
Don’t criticize, judge or insult the other woman. Showing him that you are above his actions will soon enough make him question his own choices.
Don’t compare yourself to the other woman. You may never be able to spot what he sees in her, because what triggers him may not be physical. Do reaffirm your good qualities and make room for areas where you can improve yourself in ways that build a better connection with him, if you really are interested in how to make him want you again.
Lastly, don’t feel low on yourself. That is the biggest mistake you can make. The moment you begin to judge and beat up on yourself, this process will steal your shine. You will literally force him to run away. While it may be hard to do find ways to make yourself happy. Learn to feel more amazing than ever. Sometimes competition comes as a gift, to help you move into an even greater version of yourself. When you choose to be happy you will radiate and this radiated state will make you more appealing in his eyes.

Being More Magnetic

If your goal truly is to learn how to make him want you again and it is earnest and strong, then you will have a huge impact on his feelings.


You can become so radiant in your state that he is drawn back to you as a boomerang goes out and returns.


Being more magnetic is not only about building chemistry with the other, its about creating a connection on several meaningful levels that make the other person feel deeply drawn and connected to you.


DO you really want to know a few secrets on how to make him want you again? Then sign up the free program on this site.  You may also like reading, How to be More Attractive: The Secret to Standing Out From The Rest. Because if your desire is to redirect his attention to you, you are going to need to increase your own attractiveness.

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