How to Be a Desirable Woman: Why Men Are More Into Women Like Her

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Some women simply get it. They understand how to be a desirable woman. They innately have “it”. 

It being that particular charm which almost seems to have a hypnotic effect on all the guys, without doing much. You can’t pin it down to anything in particular but you can see it in motion. You can see the way men and both women admire her.

But there is something more than just admiration, it’s a god like power that has everyone desiring and wishing to be in her company. Although some women have it naturally, you too can learn how to become a desirable woman, like her

There is something, gooey, icky sweet and irresistible about her, that men can’t seem to say no to. So what is it really? What does she have that has everyone glued to her, admiring her and wishing to be with her and keep her?

The secret to her irresistibility, is that she knows that she is the prize. Because she knows that she is the prize, that knowing comes with other qualities, which has an impact on those she meets.

Let’s figure out what it means when you know that you are the prize, the pursued and the desired.

How to be a Desirable Woman –
The Key to Knowing

When a woman knows that she is the prize, it means that she has taken the time to evaluate herself and what makes her desirable.

Not every woman takes the time to evaluate her strong points. The average woman thinks much more about what she has which does not measure up to the next woman, rather than define herself on her own unique terms.

The woman who sees herself as a prize has reached a level of self-acceptance with herself and because of that, she is much more free. Much more exciting and fun to be around because she does not have huge hang ups about herself.

How to be a Desirable Woman –
She is Aware of the Competition

A woman who knows that she is the prize, understands quite well that there is naturally going to be many men competing for her attention. This sort of woman does not live in a desperate or scarcity mindset where men are concerned. She knows full well that she is desired by many men and it is left to her to choose which one of the many to pick from.

This thinking alone impacts the way she moves and the way she carries herself and men respect the value that she gives to herself.

On the other hand, the woman who does not see herself as the prize is always begging and doing too much to win the man’s approval, so that he can pick her. To the man, that attitude communicates that she is not good enough, no one else wants you.

The prize mindset alone puts a woman in the winners’ circle and it also makes her way more desirable to lots of men. Men by nature are competitive. They love the thrill of the chase and a good catch.

A man’s sense of worth is in winning a good woman.  Knowing that all his friends and family will pat him on the back for and say, “well done,” is affirming to his masculine ego. So, when a man meets a woman who knows that she is attractive, charismatic, seductive and he knows that other men are competing to get her, this boost her appeal significantly.

How to be a Desirable Woman –
She Knows That Men Sniff Out Your Vibe

No matter how insecure, poor and unavailable a man is, men have learned to assess women. Let’s not forget that in the dating world, a man often has to try at several women before he finds the one who either says, yes or maybe.

In order for him to figure out who is going to say yes to him, he has learned to assess women. Because of this, men can sniff out a desperate woman or an insecure woman and those women don’t appeal to most men unless that man is thinking of using that woman.

Desperate and insecure women make a man feel low on the totem pole. Getting an insecure girl is like getting the last guppy in the bottom of the barrel which no one else wants.

A woman who knows that she is the prize will take good care of herself, her appearance as well as maintain an over all sense of appeal. That would include, going to the gym to keep her body toned, getting her hair, nails and appearance looking like a good representation of what she wants you to see in her.

She isn’t worried about being like the next girl. Instead she is keen on standing apart from the average because she has invested in her own unique charm. Being a duplicate would reduce that.

How to be a Desirable Woman –
She Knows Its Not Her Face It’s Her Chemistry

Human beings by nature adapt to things very quickly and the appeal of that new thing loses its novelty. A pretty face can only get a man’s initial attention but keeping his interest goes deeper than that.

The average woman relies too much on her outer packaging and so little time for creating magnetic chemistry. The girl that men can’t resist, knows that. She understands that her looks are like her business cards, but her feminine charm is what will lure him in and keep him chasing her.

Do you remember when you were fifteen and more daring and either you were under intense rules by your parents and sex was out of the question? What did you do in those days to get and sustain a guy’s interest in you?

If you were a feisty, flirty, troublesome girl who loved to tease, you probably took some of those fun times into adult hood. Things like putting your feminine under wears in his school bag on his way home or brushing against his back while pressing the right body parts unto him, teasing his senses, all while being coy and apologetic.

That flirty vibe enhances your appeal. It’s what takes you from just another woman who is willing to have sex with him to the woman that has sex with him without even touching his body. There is an art and skill to that and some women have it.

The Key to The Prize Mindset

Let’s think for a moment of what it would take to feel like the prize. That being the one that is truly desired and perused.

  • A woman who knows she is the prize knows she is appealing and does not need to hear a man tell her so. She already knows and he can see it and feel it when he is with her.
  • Because she knows that she is the prize she is not desperate and when a man knows that other men want a particular woman that puts her on a higher pedestal.
  • The woman who knows she is the prize won’t sell herself short for the first man, he will have to work for her approval. That makes a man do more to win the prize and a woman who understands this plays the game well.
  • The woman who knows that she is the prize isn’t afraid to pull away and let him chase. She understands that a good chase is what a man needs and pulling away if need be only makes her value higher to him.

  • She isn’t afraid of his cheating because she understands how to build a strong chemistry with him that will keep him thinking of her all day. And, even if he does cheat she isn’t afraid to hold her stands and be the prize that got away.

Any woman can be the prize if she understands a few things about herself and how to create the most powerful magnetic connection with a man that will drive him into obsession for her.

The secrets are quite powerful. If you want to change the role you have been playing and become more confident and more seductive then I highly recommend that you sign up to the free secrets of magnetism program to learn just how powerful magnetism really is.

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