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If you want to get lots of men in your social life, and succeed in those relationships, you will need to have an edge over the other women.


Ninety percent of women are very basic and primitive in thinking that she has not a single clue on how to become a sexy vixen. She has also no idea how to become the stand out girl and increase her sexual attraction levels.


Here is one thing that you must understand:


If you want to learn how to attract men, you have to be willing to change and do things differently than the other women. You will want to join the small group of women who know better.


The sexually magnetic woman is one who knows how to make any man go wild for her. This sounds all good, but the truth is that only a small portion of women have learned thoroughly how to make this happen. And they have done so through trial and error in the field.  However, if you take the time to understand the man’s psychological triggers you can get them hooked!


If you want to learn how to make any man fall in love with you, you will have to learn, learn and learn. After learning, you will need to take the theories into actions. This is when the rubber meets the road, and you will learn a lot more when you start to apply things in real situations.


Here are The Top 3 secrets o Make Any Man Go Wild:


1. Get Your Edge and Know Your Edge

Know that looks are greatly overrated and are not the single most important factor to determining your success with men.


Much of your success depends on how you act and how you allow your sexual energy to flow through the room. Be comfortable, calm and exude a strong sexual aura. Easier said than done, but if you do learn how to make your sexual attraction flow through easily, you will no doubt get a lot of success.


2. Mysterious Vixen

Be mysterious. Talk about something but not everything. Leave the conversations when you are talking too much or providing too much value. If he wants to know more, he will ask.


Lead him step-by-step to discover what you are really all about. And you will learn about him slowly. By doing this, both of you will know if you are the right one for each other.


3. Fantasy World!

Our normal lives are too boring. We wake up from bed, go to work, come home, watch TV, use the Internet, and on weekends we go out to have fun. Too routine and boring. That’s why we are constantly looking for ways to excite our senses. We don’t want to get bored by doing that same thing every day. This is an edge that you can use.


Make things different and other worldly. Bring in excitement, surprises and fun into your life and let him join your world. This can be a great technique to excite any man and make him go wild about you.


It All Works in a Synchronized Way

If you notice each of the 3 stages work in a synchronized way to bring him closer. Being sexually alluring is what signals excitement and the pull of the man’s attention. That’s just the first part.

Then moving into a state when he has to think more about who you are, in a non-sexual way is the second stage of bringing him closer. Then finally you have snared him and your goal then is to become the source of beautiful harmonious energy.


You are pulling him into a world of peace, a world where he can feel and be at his highest. Naturally in order for him to feel this with you, you also have to be that for yourself.


What the Man Experiences

When you are in the zone feeling your own alluring nature the man feels it. It excites him and stirs his curiosity. When you understand it fully, you can exude that alluring energy at a higher pitch than most women.


This will only send him through an intense pursuit for you. As you become more mysterious to him, his deep need and urge to have you will force him to dissect his thoughts, feelings and urges for you.


Men by nature like to break things apart and try to figure them out. Most men take the very same approach with women. You are forcing him to think beyond his sexual urges.


There are many ways to string a man along, in a fun playful seductive game. Because every single situation is different you have to learn to use your charms to play with him, getting him thirstier for you.


At this point this phase gets a man’s blood boiling, his desire to know more and be more in order to get to you will intensify.


This works if he has never had you or if he has had you. The secret is knowing how to invoke those feeling in him and then lead him to a long dance or chase. And, that chase should lead into bliss. Blissful moments, blissful times.


All this is a process of leading him to a great orgasm. That could be a mental, emotion or sexual orgasm. The point is to lead him into bliss. To do so effectively you have to learn how to become that source of bliss yourself so that you become the bliss that he seeks.



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