How to Attract Men – 3 Qualities Men Are Not Attracted To

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If you are like all women, you want to know how to attract more quality men in your life.


However, a great deal of what you may be doing now may actually decrease your chances of being seen as desirable. Many women have the wrong impression about what is perceived as desirable.


If you’re like most women you may get dressed up and preoccupied with your hair, nails, clothes and over all appearance. Although you do all those things, something is missing. Sure, these habits make it easy to get attention but getting that man to actually be extremely excited and eager is something entirely different.


If you want to learn how to attract more men in your life, than there are three things you must know.


Three Qualities You Don’t Want to Have
When Looking to Attract Men


Men are Not Attracted to Women Who Focus Too Much on Their Looks – Don’t get me wrong! Men are always attracted to what the woman looks like. However  a woman’s looks cannot keep the man interested alone.


Have you wondered why a man would leave a very beautiful woman only to fall deeply in love, with the very average woman? That is because there is a whole world of feelings that the average woman may have excited in him. Those feelings are what got him hooked.


Men Are Not Attracted to The Good Girl – This is a very common mistake, too many women make. It is taking on the character of, “the good girl.” The good girl is the one who is ready and available at his every call.


She is the girl who will change her plans for him every single time. She will give him gifts, she will wash his clothes, even call him several times a day. All these gestures can cause a man to lose attraction.


This may be confusing to you but this is why the method of how to attract men can seem so difficult, only because you do not yet understand the dynamics of attraction.


Men Are Not Attracted to Women Who do Not Know How to Connect- Did you know that there is a right way and a wrong way to connect with a man? It can be very frustrating for a man when he sees a beautiful girl, only to spend some time with her but feel nothing. Somehow the connection failed to happen.


Sometimes all the qualities and necessary attributes are there for the two to make a deep connection but it does not happen for several reasons.


One reason, is just not knowing the right way to connect. I am sure you have met someone in the past, whom you did not like in the beginning but after much time you grew to like them a lot. Some people lack the skills to bridge the gap.


Another very common mistake in trying to connect, is that we over share.  While some sharing is good, sharing does not build a connection if its done in excess.


You cannot build a connection with a man if you dont know how to connect with him. And, having sex with him on the first date does not build a connection at all.


A lot of times people enter relationships or the dating field without having a clue of how to build an emotional connection with the other person.


When the right connection is build that man will feel as if he has found a part of himself in you.  You wont have to beg him to call you, or wonder if there will be another date. 


Connection is a lot deeper than simply going out and meeting people. Connection is about building a bond and rapport while exuding intense magnetism.


When it comes to how to attract men you cannot approach a man the same way you would approach a friend.


One of the biggest mistakes’ women make is doing the same old routine to attract men. Yet a lot of what you already may be doing, simply does not work. That’s why it is really important to get inside of the mind of the person you want to attract. 


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