He is Not into You Anymore

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Who doesn’t feel some sort of fear to know that the guy you like is just not feeling you anymore!  It can make any girl feel all kinds of ways about herself.  You start thinking, ‘am I good enough?’


You start checking yourself in the mirror.  Then that muffing you always have for breakfast; you know the one you swear is your muffing for life, you stop eating it. 


The truth is you over analyze the wrong thing.  You see, at one point he picked you because he found you attractive.  However, somewhere from that state to where you are now, something happened.  Something changed his feelings towards you.


You see men are moved on their feelings all the time.  There is a big difference in being moved by feelings verses emotions.  Emotions produce a feeling state, and while men may not be as emotional as women, they are responsive to feelings. 


Seduction Secrets



Men Need to Feel Excited

No one ever come along and showed you how to connect with a man by creating a feeling of excitement in him.  The feeling of excitement is a fuel for a man to become wildly motivated by a woman.  Its what I teach you how to do, in the Secrets of Magnetism program.


Creating rapport, linking a man to where you fit like two pieces of a zig saw puzzle is essential. It is, if you want to get him to feel you, desire you, obsess over you and pursue you; enough to where he does not want to let you go.


Connection is a key ingredient in getting a man to feel so good about you that he does not want to leave.  Using the secrets of Sexual Kung Fu, you learn the art of sensualizing a connection, inviting, linking his desires and locking him into a state of blissful connection.  Its an art, once understood gives you tremendous power over how others feel about you.  How they respond and how much effort they put into wanting and keeping you.


Once you understand the key to deeper connections, then you lose the fear of dating and being rejected.  You lose the fear of not being desired.  You lose the fear because you will have the key to creating a strong desire in anyone.



Creating Rapport


Rapport: definition

A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.


The key to creating rapport with a man, is the ability to create a strong sensual, mental and emotional link.  You see at the core of every relationship is a deep desire to find a link.  A link is that place where you find great chemistry with a partner who fits you.  People often speak of finding the right fit, or feeling empty because they have not found their perfect link. 


Did you know that a lot of men, find it especially hard to find that link from other men, so they seek it out in women, and when they don’t feel the link in a woman they are with, they try to find it in another woman.


Women often get fooled when a man has sex with them.  They assume that this is a connection but it is not.  Sex is only the beginning, its what leers him in but it is not what keeps him.   Even after the sex, he is still trying to feel that connection with you and if he does not feel it, he will keep on looking. 


When a man feels rapport with a woman, he finds it very hard to leave her but most women don’t have a clue how to create that link or rapport with a man.  


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