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The average first date tips for women are every day, normal and practical first date advice, but that sort of dating advice does not give you an edge. They don’t guarantee you a second date. They work because they are common sense and quite practical.


You must remember men are used to dating several women before picking one and often in order for a man to be able to tell you apart from the next girl you need to really trigger him in a unique way.


That everyday common-sense first dating advice, works for sure but it won’t set you apart from the rest. And obviously you see where all the rest went. He is still dating, still looking for that unique woman who will stand out.


On the other hand, if you really want to make a lasting impression, the following seductive, first date advice tips and tricks, will give you an edge.


A seductress dates differently from an average woman. The average woman goes on a date and is hopeful. She wants more than anything to be liked by that guy so she goes in to impress him.


She thinks about all the amazing achievements she has made, she thinks about her body, her make up and all the usual stuff. While the usual stuff is good, it’s not impactful and that guy won’t be so impressed.


He will be polite and he will even take sex if he can get it, but you will easily become a number. Whether he calls you again or hangs on for a bit, then dumps you has everything to do with the impression you give him on that first date.


It’s the first date that allows him to decide in which box to place you and how much effort he has to put out in order to get you.


First Date Tips For Women:
Let Him Try to Impress You


For sure everyone wants to impress the other. However, there is a distinct tone of someone who is making a huge effort to make you like them. To the man who is on that date with you, he will see the added effort on your part.


Sadly, it will only translate as you being completely desperate, or lacking in self-esteem. Women these days have forgotten that the woman is the prize. You are the one he must impress, not the other way around.


On the other hand, if you switch your mindset to the attitude that you are going on a date but your date is making the effort to impress you and capture you, this changes the dynamic and puts you in his mind as more of a prize.


It also alleviates the anxiety and tension you feel inside, knowing that you are the qualifier not him. It sends the signal that you are comfortable and confident with yourself and that changes everything for him.


The idea that this new date needs to know of all your qualifications is not true. His focus with you in the earlier dating states is all about chemistry. 



Because at the end of the day you could have a salary double his or have gone to the very best university in the world and that would not build any chemistry with him at all, what so ever.


Men don’t pick a woman who can outsmart him or who thinks she is superior. A man wants a woman who is his feminine match, who balances his male ego with a more soft, sensual side.


All the other great things you have done come last on the list after your soft, sensual nature. If there is no chemistry there is no match.


A man always wants to lead, its how men are wired. Trying to outshine him in the professional or education level will only prove to him that you are way ‘more man” than he is, and surely he will run.


Seduction Secret:

A confident woman knows that she is the prize and because she knows she is the prize, this knowing impacts her mannerism, her speech and the way she interreacts.


Switch your psychology to you being the prize, to you being the one that is being pursued, not the other way around. That simple switch will alter his perception and interaction even if you never make a verbal expression of that thinking.


First Date Tips For Women:
Ask More Questions


Ladies, ladies, ladies….You know how it can be. Women tend to talk, talk, and talk some more. You may be eager to share about that time as a child when….Don’t!!!


The best first date advice ever is don’t’ make your first date a therapy session. It’s not a time to unearth all your old stories, no matter how comfortable he may seem on that date. Its just not the right time.


Rather it’s a time to find out who that man is, sitting across from you. That is the most sound dating advice. Knowing who he is, gives you an edge for several reasons. If you get him talking about himself, he will enjoy that you are showing an interest in him. This will make him feel very good, because quite often men don’t get a sounding board.


Second asking questions not only shows an interest it also moves you from a place of being perceived as the needy woman who wants to impress, to the confident woman who is putting him on the spot so he can demonstrate who he is.


You see the average woman does not want to be pushy, she is afraid to ask questions. She is afraid of not being picked. A confident seductress does not care if she is not picked.


She already knows her worth and she knows how to ask without being intrusive. Don’t ever be afraid of asking him questions that will help you in deciding if he is the one. Asking questions is an essential first date advice.


The girl who is afraid to ask questions, is the girl with low self esteem who is too afraid to offend. If you live in a palace would you be worried about offending people who are left at the gate? No you don’t, you know that you live in a worthy place and you must qualify people before they enter your domain.


Seduction Secret:
There are ways of asking a man to tell you more without seeming like a detective. Always remember the game is on and no game is worth playing if it’s not fun.


First Date tips For Women:
Be Totally Playful


Whatever you do, bring your fun self to the date. Don’t be afraid to be playful, soft, flirty and full of seductive charm. That fun energy sets the tone in order to relax him as well as yourself.


Besides you are able to ask way more questions of him if you do so in a playful and lighthearted way, as opposed to bringing your authoritative, fake confident, self. That simply won’t work! Women do this all the time. You tell them to be confident and they invoke that old School teacher from back in the day.


There is nothing sexy or alluring or seductive about that old school teacher. Don’t interrogate, just set the stage for him to want to open up and share with you. That is very important.


Find ways to be playful without loosing your composure. Find ways of injecting subtle, sensual body language without seeming overly attracted to him. You don’t want to get drunk and drape yourself all over him.


Seduction Secrets:
Every seductress knows that when you bring a playful vibe it makes others lower their guard. When people feel comfortable, they show you much more of their true self.

If you can bring a person into a familiar and playful state, not only do they lower their guard faster but they will feel a deeper sense of connection very quickly. This remains one of the best first date advice as it helps to release any tension there may be.


Want to connect with anyone more quickly, make a joke, make that joke be just about the two of you and no one else. Suddenly you have dismantled the other person’s wall and that exclusivity to that joke, well it’s a joke really, because it works in forming a bond.



First Date Tips For Women:
Its All About The Atmosphere


This requires a bit of thought. It certainly isn’t the ordinary thought or method on the mind of most women.


Atmosphere is like the soundtrack in the movie to set the stage for the feeling. Without the sound in the movie, everything would be flat, dull and boring.


What are all the things which create good atmosphere? Sound, location, conversation, ideas, the scent of your skin, the smell of his cologne, the tone of the conversation. The list goes on for the sort of atmosphere you can create.


The thing is to be deliberate about what sort of atmosphere you want to bring to the date. If you have the thought in your mind then you will naturally gravitate to doing what is necessary to create that sort of atmosphere.


Creating the right atmosphere to match his mood, would require a bit of knowledge about him.


What sort of personality type is he? Is he the cooperate guy, the laid-back spiritual guy? These are the sort of things you should already have in your mind. Then you need to think of what sort of conversations you would like to engage in, do you want to be serious, playful how do you want it to go?


With that said, don’t take this part too seriously. It should be just a thought so you bring your attention to the mood that you want to create.


By all means you want to at some later point bring a playful seductive vibe. Don’t be afraid to tease him a bit to see how he responds. That way you get an idea for his feelings as well as to get more of an idea of how he reacts to your flirty.


Seduction Secrets:
A seductress takes the time to not only create an atmosphere with her conversation she creates the right atmosphere in what she wears, how she smells, her tone of voice and her mannerism. That’s the first sort of atmosphere you want to create. The one starting with yourself.


First Date Tips For Women:
Should You Go Fishing?


Absolutely not! Here is one first date advice for women that you really need to drill into your head.


The first date is a time to simply check your nets and lines. You may throw in a bate or two to test the waters but you never ever go fishing on the first date. Men are animals on two legs, they are hunters.


Sadly, with all your intellect, you have to understand that men simply do not operate the same way you do. A man needs to feel you out, in order to invest an interest in you, further than the bedroom.


The only men who would marry a woman after having her on the first date is a broken, needy man, who may also be broke and need her support.


It’s human nature to value things that are earned. The time invested in working towards something implies value.


Walk up the stairs don’t run. That gives you an opportunity to get a feel for who that person is.


Can you imagine getting so juiced up that you allow him to have you on the first date only to discover soon after that, he is the worst character ever?


By this point you would have also lost your shine to him because he did not care that much to begin with. Always remember that you are the one that they seek. Treat yourself as something of value first and he will follow.


Seduction Secrets:
If you give the donkey the carrot on its first step, it won’t be motivated to take the next step.


Seduction is a dance, its not always overtly sexual. It could be a soft sensual, flirty dance where you give the other person a taste and a tease but you never give up the whole cart of food on the first date. A seductress knows that the core of seduction is the tease, the chase and the right combination of that secret serum. (smile)


Tap into your seductive energy read the following article.  6 Ways In Which a Seductress is Different From an Average Woman.  If you haven’t signed up for the free course, please do.



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