Are Dating Apps Making It Hard to Have a Real Relationship?

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The modern conveniences are creating a whole new paradigm when it comes to dating and creating meaningful connections.  


Its easy for a man to leave a woman in pursuit of some other shiny thing that is in his newsfeed.  Sure, all of that can breed a lot of fear in you.  After all, we all want to connect with someone who cares for us and eventually love and want to keep us.



The Human Need That Is Working in Your Favor


Here is something I want you to understand.  At the core of every human being is the need to find someone who truly cares deeply about them.  Its true that social media can seem like a free candy store of options but with time, that too will become annoying and desensitizing. 


The more we try to connect with random people, the more this empty connection will leave more people craving a deeper meaningful connection. 


Its human nature to want to find a loving, partner who has our back.  Understanding that, puts you at an advantage in some way. 


Why does knowing this put you at an advantage?  Well, knowing that people, both men and women want to find their partner puts you in the right space to give that to them. 


We all want to have our own tribe and a place where we are connected.  Understanding this allows you to create the space to make most people who meet you feel this way.


When a person is able to feel a good connection they are able to relax, feel at home and it is where they let their guard down. 


When you create a strong magnetic connection with a person, it consumes their mind, their emotions, their desire for you.  This magnetic connection, makes them want to keep you around.  It makes them want to secure you in their life. 



It’s Your Superpower


Being able to influence someone to feel excited, obsessed with you is a powerful tool.  You eliminate competition when you can create that sort of magnetic pull that has him laying up at night thinking of you.


A dating app cannot compete with a woman who knows her internal feminine power and its magical ability to secure a deep strong connection. 



Let Go of Your Insecurities


Letting go of your fears that you must compete with lots of others in order to make a meaningful connection is also very necessary to making room to magnetically connect with others.


Fear that you are not good enough or that someone will not be satisfied with you must be eliminated from your mind.  Taking time to build self-love will improve your ability. 


Loving yourself has nothing to do with what you look like.  Loving yourself, is feeding yourself loving, accepting thoughts; which in tern creates a field of good clear energy around your body. 


When you judge yourself, worry about your short cummings, you create a very confused energy field.  This confused energy field darkens your aura.  Others can feel this and are often put off by it.  No one wants to choose a partner that is not radiant.


By first eliminating your self-doubt and insecurities you open the channels for your magnetic presence to begin creating a powerful magnetic pull.


Get excited about becoming so alluring that you aren’t afraid of anyone.  No longer should you be afraid of age or if you are beautiful enough.  There is a secret to magnetic connection with a partner and it works very powerfully.


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