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Hi my name is Chris,

I am the author of several online publications and many online programs, for way over a decade.  However nothing has stired my excitment as the secrets of magnetism.  I created this program ten years ago, in 2010.  The reason this program has had such longevity is becasue of the many gems which give us a bit of power.


These teachings came to me at a time when I felt disempowered.  Dating was awckward, I felt easily manipulated.  By a stroke of coincidence, a friend who was putting together a presentaiton asked me to accompany them in order to assist. 


When I got there I become immediately acquaninted with a man who was teaching a program called, Sexual Kung Fu. The disguise of this program was how one can use sexual energy to heal their body, attract more money and gain an over all sense of vitality, youth, charm and so much more.


This man wanted me to assist him as a feminine part of those lectures and so my introduction to this began.  First he taught me, through oral dialogue, then he placed some very old books in my presence.  


Those books were deep beyond the use of sexual energy for healing.  They went further into how we connect with our energy.  I saw the value in those old teachings, and I wanted to strip away the complex, old world language of the teachings.  I wanted to make it more fun and more applicable to the average person who may seek to date and be more alluring to their partner.


Magnetism is a powerful thing. It has impacted my life tremendously.  It strips away the fear of not being wanted, not being desired or even the fear of loosing in love.  


When you understand the little cues to impacting others psychologically, so where they want to want you, life becomes your play ground.  You are then always sought after, always wanted and desired. 


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