7 Signs He Likes You But He is NOT in Love With You

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How frustrating is it when you are seeing someone but can’t figure out if that person is really into you or not! If you can’t seem to make a firm decision on his feelings for you, these seven clear and common signs will steer you in the right direction.


1. He Does Not Show You Off 

Ladies, men are competitive with each other. They derive a sense of worth by bragging and comparing their cars, money and partners with their best buddies.


In a sense, men have a good sense of competition which is quite good for his sense of motivation and drive. Moving up and doing better is how a man derives a sense of worth and status among his family and peers.


So when a man has found a woman he is proud off he wants all of his friends and family to at least meet her once. It’s a bit like getting that new sports car that he has worked so long and hard to get.


When a man is tentative about introducing you to the people he cares about, it’s a clear sign that while he may like spending time with you, he is not quite in deep.


If you feel uncomfortable and notice that this is going on with your situation, say something. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he just hasn’t thought of introducing you to his buddies just yet. After you ask him, watch his reaction. Look at his facial expression and his body language. Don’t worry so much about what he is saying to you, his body language and facial expression will say it all.


Be honest with yourself about what you see. The worst thing you can do is to make excuses for him. Women often do that. This is a bad sign on your part. Don’t make excuses for being treated in a less than desirable way.


2. Me and Only Me

When a man is really intrigued by a woman, he becomes a bit obsessed, excited and more open. When he begins to receive you on a deeper meaningful level, he does not want to lose you. You become part of his plans. When a man begins to include you in his joyful activities, it means that not only does he really enjoy your company but he wants you around in the future.


Ladies, pay attention to those future plans which include you in it. There are so many women who are dating men, who don’t give even the tiniest clue that he intends to include her in his life even a month from now.


The reason why there is no clue that he is into you, for the long haul is because, you are the ‘moment person,’ until the woman he is really excited to be with shows up.


One woman was dating a man for 6 months, who spoke constantly about a cruise he was planning to go on by the end of the year. He had not even thought to invite or include her in any way.


Being that she was a woman who did not know her self-worth, she felt hurt but did not push the matter. She concluded that he had been planning that trip long before he met her and even though he had not paid for it as yet, she accepted that situation.


Fast forward to after he returned from the cruise, he was never quite so warm with her again. The relationship drifted as if it never happened. He never ended it, he just faded. In the end she said, “I was so good to him, I did not even see it coming!”


3. An Excuse a Day

The reason she did not see it coming was because she was not the prize, he was. He knew she was obsessed with him or at least needy enough to accept all of his meaningless excuses.


He tossed her left and right, made plans which he broke often. He did not do the extras most men who are really into a woman would do. He used her and when he felt like it, he ghosted her. He would always return with some sweet talk and bullshit excuses and she would just buy into it.


When a man is truly into you, he is cautious about your feelings. Not only does he want to make a good impression on you, he does not want to do anything to have you push him away. If he saw you as a prize worth keeping, he would never disregard you.


Excuses are what men use to manipulate you. You have to be wise enough to monitor how many excuses you are getting in relations to his treatment of you.


Don’t settle for bad treatment, no matter what excuse he gives. Ultimately, how he treats you is all that matters. If the treatment isn’t good, no excuse can cover it.


4. No Love Signs 

Body language is the true language of the heart. People can lie with their mouth; they can try to manipulate you with stories they want you to believe but their body language says everything that they are truly feeling about you.


Let’s take our previous story. When looking back, she realized that he never showed any signs of true passion or love towards her. She realized in the end, that the idea of love or connection with this man was one she had felt herself for him but it was not how he felt towards her. He demonstrated no tenderness, no passion, limited eye contact.  


In Iooking back, she realized that the signs were always there, it was that she had not been looking for them or aware enough.


Granted everyone demonstrates love differently. Outside of body language, some people like to buy gifts, some like to do special things, some may say beautiful things to express their feelings. Pay attention to the warmth and the care that went into it.


If a man is feeling love for you, that special feeling will not only have him thinking of you when you are not there but he will do what is natural to human nature and that is to express that feeling in some form.


If a man shows up with a bottle of wine, when you are preparing dinner that is not a love sign. That is a sign that he is considerate enough to bring the wine or desert when you are doing the hard work in the kitchen. It’s also a good excuse to get you in the mood so he can get what he came for.


As a woman you have to pay attention to how this man demonstrates love. Get him talking, about things he has done for say, his mother, sister, ex or anyone he values in his life. This way you can get an idea of how he demonstrates his love.


5. No Compromise 

When a man has an agenda and intends on using you until he gets the woman he could fawn over; he won’t compromise himself. His reasoning is, why compromise himself, when you are in his life on a temporary basis.


In his mind, he does not need to change anything about himself because changing himself for a woman he does not intend on remaining with is a waste of energy.


If you find yourself in a situation with a man who is adamant about doing things his way and does not care to take your feelings into account, don’t accept the excuses.


In the end, one or two excuses are reasonable but over that, the excuses are a means of pacifying you and buying more time, until the woman who really excites him shows up. It isn’t what he is saying, as much as what he is doing and if he is not willing to compromise, he is not fully invested in you. He may like you but he is not too sure of you.


6. No Emotional Attachment

When a man does not want to listen to your problems that is a big sign that he is not interested in investing in you on an emotional level. You see when a man has to invest in your problems or the things that may be hampering your life, it requires an investment of his time and energy.


Not only that but going deep into your pain will require an emotional investment into you and your life, that he is not willing to take on.


When a man knows that he is not willing to go long term with you, he sees his time with you very differently. If he gets involved in an emotional connection with you, it’s going to be difficult to break apart. Not only that, but he does not want you leaning on him for emotional support because he has it in his mind that you are a temporary solution in his life.


Men connect with women for more practical reasons and less of the emotional reasons’ women connect with men. Men are more in control of their emotions and can very quickly compartmentalize his interactions with you.


Men can go out with you, have sex with you, have fun with you and still not fully want you long term or get emotionally attached.


The idea that men are not emotional is not entirely true. Men can be very emotional. Sadness, anger, insecurity, are all emotions men have every day. The difference is that men can often intellectualize their feelings about a woman without letting himself fall for you based on feeling sad or sorry for you.


A man will invest in you emotionally when he is fully invested in you. When a man has connected with you and truly desires you, then you become that woman that he is excited to be around and be with. He will be with your sadness and grief and all the shortcomings that you think are shortcomings. However, if a man is just not into you, nothing you say or do will hook him in. Having sex with you, isn’t a hook, it’s a sport to pass the time.


7. He Says it Or He Doesn’t Say It

Sometimes it’s just that simple. We can jump all over the place, trying to dissect how a man feels about us but sometimes his words say it all. If a man says to you, “I really enjoy being with you,” that’s a wonderful statement. However, if that is not followed up by anything more meaningful after being together for a significant amount of time, this speaks volumes.


Granted every relationship has its own personal timing. Some move fast, some move slow but the pace of the relationship is not so much the issue as much as the right connection.


When you have the right connection with a man, his excitement for you takes over his being and he is not going to be luke warm about his feelings. Saying he likes being with you, is nice and nothing but nice. How about “I really like being with you and want to spend every day with you.” How about, “I love being with you because you have brightened up my life since meeting you.”


The point is to look for a more meaningful answer behind his liking to be with you. Liking to be with you is very surface level and does not reveal any deeper meaning.


When a man does not express any feelings for you, that too is a sign. It’s a sign that he does not feel comfortable in filling you with sweet talk because he does not want you to bond too deeply with him.


When a woman is with a man who does not ever share his feelings for her, that is a big enough sign that he may like being around her but not being into her.


Summing it all Up

There you have it! These are 7 clear signs to follow. Of course, you have to be honest with yourself. Often women make excuses for a man’s actions. Rather than make excuses read into his actions to learn who he is and what he wants.


Can you turn a man around to make him fall in love with you? Sure you can!


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