7 Signs He Is Not Interested In Keeping You Around

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Just because he is hanging out with you does not mean he intends to keep you around. I am sure you get a weird feeling in your gut, that the guy whom you are so excited about just does not seem to be as excited in you as you are in him.


That feeling can be quite frustrating and worst it can take a hit to your self-esteem. Some people will waste your time, they may not be completely into you but will hang on until they find someone else.


A far greater number of people are in relationships that they have settled for, because they cant get the ideal person that they want.


Although it can be painful to realize that someone has settled for using you as an “in the mean time” person, its better to know the truth so you can keep moving forward.


7 Ways to Know, “Are they Interested in Me or Not?



Number #1: He does not ever call you first. He does not ever call you first because he wants to put the ball in your court. That way he can feel comfortable if and when he wants to make an exit from your life.


That way he can always make it seem that he was never quite into you but you pursued him. When he lets you do all the calling, he is really just preserving his guilty conscious.


Number #2: He never introduces you to any of his friends. That is a major red flag, all because men like to brag about whom they are seeing.


A good woman gives a man clout. He feels great when he can show off the woman, he is proud off. When a man does not allow you to meet his friends, in a way he is saying that you are not going to be around, so why should you get attached to any of his friends and associates?


Number #3: He does not change anything about himself which makes you unhappy. Think about it for a bit, when a person and that means any person has something that they are afraid to lose, they would do all that they can to keep and preserve that thing.


They would never risk doing something which would cause them to lose the thing they value. However, when a man does not care about losing you, he does not care about how offended you may be about his ways. Why bother, you are leaving soon anyway!


Number #4: He does not try to impress you in any way. Now, every man is different. Which means every man will try to impress you in his own way.


However, it’s important that you remain vigilant and understanding¬† the various ways that a man will try to impress you. If your man does not care if his car seat is full of garbage when he picks you up, its time to show him your worth and keep on stepping.


Number #5: He does not call you by your name. That is a huge read light. When a man is invested in you, your name, your desires and everything about you will sound, taste and feel like music to him.


Calling your name is one of those seductive triggers for him, saying it as well as you hearing it. When a man refuses to call you by name but calls you babe, or some non-meaningful name, he is certainly not into you as you may think.


Pet names are nice after you have established that you are in a relationship with him. Prior to that¬† he doesn’t want to confuse your name with the other names he is seeing.


Number #6: He makes plans with others and never think to invite you. When he things about having fun and doing the things which bring joy to his life, if he is not thinking of you then he does not intend to keep you around.


Number #7: If you never heard the word, “us” then don’t hold your breath. People don’t do things because they don’t want to do them. r


Don’t make silly excuses for a man who fails to include you in his life. If he wanted to he would. Just because he has not verbalize it to you, does not mean he is unaware of his lack of interest. He knows! The question is do you know?


Don’t Settle Do Better:

Feeling rejected by a person whom you admire and would like to be with is tough. Sometimes it could be just that one simple thing you did wrong and continue to do wrong.


However, that one thing is putting a wrench in your dating situation. Don’t beat yourself up. Take this as an opportunity to learn, grow and do better next time.

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