6 Ways in Which a Seductress is Different From an Average Woman

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seductress always has the edge over the average woman, its why men fall so deeply under her spell. It’s because her dynamic energy is hard to pin down. This adds an air of mystery around her.  He does not know if he is coming or going with her and this adds some excitement the chase.

Anyone who understand the art of seduction, understand that her own self-worth and self-preservation is her highest gift. And, that is something the average woman often seems to miss. Because the average woman does not know her full worth and even when she does, she still can often bend over backwards to get that man’s interest. And, still when he finds a woman who understand the art of seduction, he becomes hooked like a fly in a spider’s web.

Seduction Secret Number #1:

They don’t take your lack of interest personally the way an average woman would.

A seductress understands that everyone is wired different and need different things at certain period in their life. Understanding this, she does not feel worthless or angry if a man is not interested.

However, the average woman would feel not only resentful, the experience may even damage her self-esteem for a bit.

Seduction Secret Number #2

A seductress does not want a man to give up his goals or ambitions for her. After all, his drive and ambition is what makes him attractive.

On the other hand, the average woman is incomplete if she does not have her man at home every day by her side. The average woman can often feel as if she is competing with the man and his work or interest.

Seduction Secret Number #3:

A seductress will give you good quality attention but you will never be her entire world.  Her life is filled up with enough activities and interest to keep her going, after all its what a man finds interesting in her.

The average woman, however would put aside her passions in order to spend more time with her man, even if it means exhausting his energy with her full-on attention.

She does not understand that when she gets up and leaves to do her, this is one of her greatest points of appeal.

Seduction Secret Number #4:

The average woman needs tons of validation. She always needs the man to confirm his feelings for her. She needs to know if she is good enough in his eyes, never realizing that this is a big mistake. 

This sends the communication to the man’s mind that she does not believe in her own self-worth so why should he. On the other hand, a seductress knows her point of power is her own self validation. She has done the work on herself to where she feels great and does not need anyone else to agree to her worth and this sends the signal to the man that she is after all quite worthy.

Seduction Secret Number #5:

While a good seductress knows the power in being strong and confident, she also understands the power in being vulnerable and emotional at times.

More so she understands the balance and she is ok with it. On the other hand, the average woman has little to no balance, she is either all emotions or no emotions at all.

Seduction Secret Number #6:

Good conversation to a seductress gives her a deeper insight into the man she is seducing.

On the reverse end of things, the average woman rates a good conversation as being allowed to expel all her grievances about life or over sharing, leaving little to the man’s imagination.

There is a distinct difference between a woman who understands the power of her feminine energy and uses it to create a powerful bond between her and that man she desires.

The average girl knows nothing. She tries one thing, which does not work. Then she tries that same thing with another and still it does not work.

She changes nothing until she has gotten tired and exhausted of always being passed over for that other girl who seems to get the man so effortlessly. And as typical, she looks on wondering why the guy who dumped her could go for such an “average girl.”

Truly there is nothing average about a woman who knows the art of being a woman and knows how to use her own essence like the Venus fly trap, so to speak.


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