5 Ways to Make Him See You as a Prize Worth Getting

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Ladies, one of the first things you need to realize is that men are wired to see life as a game. At the end of every game is a prize.  The more challenging the game, the more involved he becomes; and the more value he attributes to not only the game but also the prize as well.


When it comes to dating; a woman determines her worth.  When you are doubtful about yourself and what you’re bringing to the table a man can sense this very strongly.


This doubt and insecurity can make him feel very uncomfortable about you. Because what you are communicating is that you are unworthy, not good enough. And to his fragile mind he will see you as search.


What is unfortunate is that he will also begin to act out in those ways to express what he thinks of you; Which is not worthy, not good enough, because that is what you are communicating about yourself.

How to Be the Prize

You cannot be the prize without work. No matter how much you have deluded yourself into believing that some people are just naturally blessed and don’t have to do anything, behind the scenes.


The most graceful woman in the world will tell you a story of her grandmother who use to make her walk around the house with a pile of books on her head for hours.


The prettiest girl with the perfect skin, won’t tell you that she has been washing her face with rice water every single day of her life, because her mother made her do it. There is a magic behind everyone’s shine. Some do it so effortlessly and have incorporated it into their life routine, that they themselves don’t know the magic of their way.


To be a prize you have to bring some form of awareness to yourself. You have to be true to yourself. It can be fearful to look yourself in the mirror and not like what you see. But, you see, true beauty is not bone structure, it’s a sort of glow from within.


This glow can build up by the sort of appreciation that you give to yourself. Just by appreciating what you have. Willfully looking at it with new, more loving eyes, it starts to transform.


Here are 5 Key Rituals to Become a Worthy Prize



1. Take Time to Nurture Yourself and make it a priority. The fine details in your appearance communicates immediately if you value yourself or not.


Besides, nurturing yourself will boost your energy level. When you take a day or even a few hours, giving yourself a spa day or reassessing your wardrobe, this is positive energy redirected back to yourself.


Whether you know it or not, this sort of attention to self is very necessary to keeping balanced as well as maintaining your feminine energy. Try as best as you can to make this a priority at least once a week.


When a man sees you caring for yourself, it communicates to him that you value yourself. In his mind he will begin to give the same value to you.

If you walked into a house that was filthy and, in your hand, you had a disposable cup, you may not think twice of dropping that cup on the floor. However, if you walked into a mansion that was immaculate in appearance you would run, hop, skip and jump to find a proper trash can to dispose of that cup.


Simply put, the attention you give to yourself is highly communicated to everyone.


2. Watch & Guard Your Energy – As women, sometimes we get worried about taking time away from a man. You worry about him going off and giving his attention to someone else.


That right there, is a clear sign of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Switch the tables and let him worry about you. Let him wonder what you are doing. It’s important to take time out for yourself, where he is not involved and does not know about.


Sometimes you may feel your energy dipping. You may not be in your best state of being. At those times its best to keep to yourself and nurture, protect and build your energy. Find a way to build your own energy without being a drag on his energy.


Sometimes, it’s good to share your woes and worries with the man you are dating or in a relationship with. However, don’t let it become the norm. Let him see you handle your issues without him. Don’t be afraid to pull yourself a way to handle what is necessary to you.


What that communicates to a man, is that you are not excessively needy and a drain on his energy. Even if you were married that would not be good, because eventually it kills passion.


As a woman, you must take care of your personal energy. Giving back to yourself in the form of taking a time out, so you can balance yourself is crucial.


Besides, when your energy is low and you are not feeling at your best, it shows and in intimate situations it can be felt. Low energy is just not magnetic.


3. Do Something New as Often as You Can. Whether it be trying out a totally new area of town, or taking a class in something that makes you excited, just do something new.


Engaging in new activities will not only bring a new energy into your life but it communicates to that man, that you are going to bring expansion, growth and excitement to his life as well.


Moreover, you up your value in life in general base on the amount of experience you have. Learning, growing and exploring new things add to your life resume of experience. It enhances you over all as a person, your mind broadens and perceptions widen. It’s a good thing, which makes you more attractive to everyone.


4. Be Your Own Cheerleader With all The Bells and Whistlea – It’s a sad world we live in when people are much more able to criticize themselves than praise themselves. At the same time when a person is confident enough to praise themselves without a care for what others think of this act of self-validation, people respect it.


It’s the confidence behind your self-praise which humbles others. If you show doubt, then your claim is weak and they will soon enough read into this self-praise as fake.


Of course, to be worthy of being your own cheerleader you have to apply the first three rituals. You have to feel full and you have to care and nurture yourself as well as keep your energy high.


As long as you are not living in those practices you will be in the reverse, which is tons of self-doubt, low energy to where you become a drain on your man, and your life lacks excitement.


You can’t cheer what is not real. You have to give your life an honest look over and take note of what you have going for you and make sure to affirm it.


A coy, playful reminder of what you have going for you, is a bell to his mind, just in case he were to forget. Not only that, letting him know that you see your own good, tells him that he can’t slip around you and that he has to bring equal value to you as you see in yourself.


5. You Are Desired By….Let him know that others are also into you and others find you attractive. You know that guy down the road who always pays you a complement? Nothing wrong in sharing those funny moments. What about the guy at the coffee shop who gave you, your coffee for fee? What about that jealous ex who has suddenly gotten wind that you have a new man and he is calling and proposing to you daily?


Remember the idea of the game and that men view life like a game? The game is always more worthwhile when there are other opponentsIf a man feels that he has a woman who no other man wants, he is certainly going to second guess his attraction for you.


When he sees that numerous other men are really into you, this ups your value and the race to do all he can to win the prize is going to get intense.


You set the standard by how you carry yourself. A man will value you, much more when you are not at his beck and call and willing to zap yourself out for him.


No matter how much you think he needs you. You need you more! Never humble yourself, never lower yourself in front of a man. When you do this, his own mind will Intune this and begin to see you in a lesser way.

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