5 Good Reasons Why He Stopped Calling You Back

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Ladies if you are dating a man but confused and you are wondering what are the reasons why he stopped calling you, here are a few often over looked reasons.


Often, we hear things like, “he is just not into you,” which puts all the burden on the woman. It certainly makes the woman feel as if something is wrong with her when in fact this could be the opposite.


There are so many reasons why a man would stop calling you that have absolutely nothing to do with what is wrong with who you are.


Reason #1:  He could be in a relationship and can’t give any attention to you as he once did. You may not like to know you are playing second fiddle to another woman but that is a possibility.


What if he and his main woman took a break and you met him on that break? What happens if they do get back together, he certainly would not have the time to call you back. The same is true for any man who has other relationships that you know nothing about.

That is why the beginning of any connection takes time, to be able to assess the other person out. Even while you are seducing them you have to be in observation of who they are and how they respond.


Reason #2: Maybe he has reached a point in getting to know you where he just does not know what else to do. It could simply be a time out. He probably can’t verbalize that to you for fear you may take it the wrong way but sometimes a person needs a time out. They need to process everything that has happened so far.

Even when we feel excited and good about a person we sometimes need time to process our feelings and also consider where everything is going. Maybe all that you have already done and said could be heavy on his mind from just processing.

Have you ever gone on a trip somewhere and had such a great time that all you wanted to do after, was just take time to reminisce?


Reason #3: He could be adjusting himself to get ready to bring you into his life. A man I knew years ago met a woman that he was super excited about. He wanted more time with her but he had a project which promised to bring in a substantial profit.
In his mind he wanted to devote time to that so that he could really court this woman in the way he thought she deserved. Sadly, she got paranoid, then dumped him.

Ladies you have to remember that a man who is single is not the same man in a relationship. He has to care about if he looks good or smells good when he is with you. He has to make sure that his place is clean and sends out a good message to you too.


All this could be weighing on his mind and so he may need some time to get his mind and life ready for all that comes with dating you.


Reason #4: Since there is no way of being able to tell the full reason why he stopped calling, until he tells you, then its best to use your intuition.


One reason you are not going to like is that he could be playing you. He could be willfully toying with your feelings to see how you react to his sudden lack of calls. He could be willfully switching the tables to have you pursue him.


You must always be mindful of those inner voices that tell you someone is playing with your emotions. The funny thing about this behavior is that he could very well like you also but want you to pursue him anyway.


The thing about that is, you need to decide if you want to give your energy to someone who would move in that sort of way in the first place.


While you worry about the reasons why he stopped calling he could be enjoying the anguish you are going though for his personal ego.


Reason #5:  One final reason why he stopped calling you could be that he does not feel that he is a good match for you. Some men rule themselves out before you get a change to rule them out.

Men can be very insecure and are super cautious of putting themselves in a relationship where they may feel emasculated. A man always wants to feel that he is in the lead of the relationship.


During the time he has been getting to know you, he has assessed you and what you like. From all that you have already told him about yourself he has created a picture to see if he is a suitable match for him. If he feels that he is incapable of giving to you the things you want or the standard of life you want to have, then he will pull away.


This is an all too common reason why he stopped calling you. His reasons why he stopped calling you does not always mean that something is wrong with who you are.


You May Wonder What You Could Do
to Get Him to Call You Back


Now you have reasons why he stopped calling. I understand your desire to get him to call you back but sometimes the best thing is to step back and let him return your call. That can be the hardest thing to do. Your inside may feel raw.


You may feel uncomfortable and you may even slowly start to feel badly about yourself. With all these thoughts of worry you have about the reasons why he stopped calling, you are loosing your good energy.


You are letting yourself sink into a dark place. When and if he does come back and find you in that state, he won’t feel any better about you.


You have to put your attention on things which make you feel good. Let the time pass until he so chooses to return your call.

The reason I suggest this is that putting pressure on him about the reasons why he stopped calling could back fire. It could make him feel bullied and pressured and this would most often push him away.


Another reason you don’t want to bombard him with his reason for not calling you, is that it makes you seem desperate and needy. And, there is nothing a man hates more than a desperate needy, energy draining woman, who thinks that her begging and chasing will win him over. This never works, as men do not function as women do.


You have to be the prize that he pursues, not the empty begging desperate woman.


What to Do When He Does Call

When he does finally call you, it’s perfectly ok to ask him why he disappeared. However, don’t ask in a demanding way. Don’t make him feel as if he committed a crime and you are there to punish a wrong doing. You don’t want to interrogate him. Instead just ask him in a casual way and listen to his answer.


Don’t forget this is always an opportunity to learn who he is. This is a time to find out more about the behavior of the person you are dating. If you don’t get a decent answer for the reasons why he stopped calling then you have the right not to accept it.


Always remember that in the beginning of the getting to know each other phase is a period you should be observing the other person. It’s not a time to make “boyfriend, girlfriend” demands. This is where most ladies make mistakes and force the other person to run away fast.


If you don’t like his answer you do have a right to say something but it’s unnecessary to get angry. Besides if you really like him and the two of you bonded then there are ways of connecting with him in the times when he went ghost, so that you can stir his feelings strongly towards you.


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