5 Amazing Factors That Will Help You Attract Almost Any Man You Desire

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Once you understand the science behind attraction it will become very easy for you to attract just about any man you want to.


Most of us believe that attraction is completely subjective in nature. But according to many researches and expert social psychologists there are five factors when used properly can attract any man on earth. If you learn to become proficient in all five of these factors you won’t ever face any problem with men.


The five factors are physical attractiveness, similarity, compliments, contact and cooperation, conditioning and association.


The first factor which is physical attractiveness is the most basic. Investing in your outer look is going to pay back in the long run. Don’t be afraid to wear some make up and make a stylish hair style. Do whatever it takes to remain healthy and fit. Wear clothes that are trendy, stylish yet compliment your figure. Whenever meeting up with men make sure you smell great and look fresh.


The second factor is the similarity factor. Try finding a common ground with your man. There has to be something on which the two of you connect. If the two of you find out you both love one hobby it will be a great hit off.


Look for topics of interest that the two of you share and then give him a great time by discussing them. He will instantly feel comfortable and will begin falling for you.


The third factor is the compliments factor. Flattery is something that works on everyone, men and women. Therefore, if you are trying to attract a man never shy away from giving him compliments. Just make sure that what you compliment is something you truly mean. This will add more depth to your statement and it will show in your eyes too. When compliments come from the heart, they have a far greater impact.


The fourth factor is the contact and cooperation factor. Make sure you increase you timings and chances of contact with the person you are trying to attract and then whenever given the chances of contact you should be really cooperative.


Finally for the fifth factor try finding out what his favorite spots are and what his favorite hangout activity is. Go out boldly and have fun doing what he loves doing. Seeing you cooperate like this will make him fall in love with you even more. These five factors will work wonders on any man.


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