4 Most Amazing Ways to Attract Men

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You can attract men by understanding what is inherent or most natural about men. As human beings we are all quite different from each other. We have our own unique personalities. What we like or dislike about ourselves or another person, may not be liked or disliked by someone else. This is why many people object to the reasoning of stereotyping like saying all men are sports lovers or all women love to shop.


With that said, there are certain characteristics that are basic to all men. No matter how much a person denies that, they are sort of inborn and rule almost all men. Therefore, if you are trying to figure out what it is that men are drawn to or how you can become more successful to attract men, then we have compiled for you a list of the most basic rules that apply on nearly all men.


Attract Men #1:  The first basic most important rule is your looks. There is no denying that men are drawn to attractive looking women. In fact, this is true about all human beings. Even children seem to like pretty people more than the ugly ones. However, attractiveness is not only about your looks. You might have a crocked nose or tiny eyes but that does not mean you are not attractive.


The power of looking attractive is right there in your hands. Just make sure you invest in your wellbeing. If you are overweight join a gym or exercise so you can get in shape. A toned and in-shape body will get you much further in the hearts and minds of a man than a pretty face, any given day. Always look elegantly, sexy when heading out to meet men. Invest in yourself, because all the finer details that you take for granted do show up. People can see quality very clearly.


Attract Men #2 After that, the second most important rule for attraction is your body language. Before anyone truly sees you, they see your body language. When you are out searching for new men to attract make sure your body language remains alluring.


When you are alluring, you are inviting. You are saying through your body language, I feel confident in myself and I am open, playful and seductive. At the same time show that you are truly interested and fully engaged when you are listening to a man whom you are communicating with.


Ask questions, hold eye contact for a few minutes before dropping your gaze, always with a smile. These tiny flirtatious acts go a long way in making him feel validated. There is nothing quite like a confident woman who is still humble and has the skill to listen with interest.


Attract Men #3: Check your speech. Yes, the way you speak can have a warming or nerve-racking effect on others. Be mindful of your tone. If you don’t know what to look for, take a good look at other women. Listen to the way they communicate. Learn from the tonality of their voice as well as their expression. The tone of the voice is only one part, the expression is another.


How many times have you seen woman who were physically attractive but once they opened their mouths to speak, you felt nothing more than to run away; Either they were too hyped up or spoke in a forceful way or they over talked. If you want to attract men and keep them attracted to you, be mindful to create a more measured speech pattern. Your voice should be comforting to listen to.


When you speak, what you have to say should not be over loud or forceful. You don’t need to compete with the man. He is looking for his opposite, which is your feminine energy. He is not looking for another man, or a school teacher.


Attract Men #4: Be a bit of a mystery. If you do want to attract men learn to not make him your therapist. Don’t give away all of your secrets in the first conversation. This mistake is so, so common with women. They are often so excited for that man to know who they are that they mistakenly give away all the goods, way too quickly.


When you have emptied out everything, there is nothing left to share, nothing left to say, nothing left for him to discover. And, you know what happens in such a case he moves on to the girl who excited him. If you give him nothing to work with you can’t blame him for not being intrigued enough to want to know more about you.


The Key to It All

The key to attract men is to first examine your own self. Step out of your skin and assess yourself, the way you come across to others. That can be hard to tell on your own, so don’t be afraid to ask your close friends and family members about the way you come across to others.


If there are qualities that are not appealing don’t take it to heart just work on it. Everything has to be worked on, no one just shows up a mega seductress from the womb. These ways are learned and you can learn to be more appealing. Start by diving into every program you can find, not just this one (Secrets of Magnetism) but all of them. There is something to learn from each that you can’t get from the other.

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