3 Ways to Become More Seductive and Drive Any Man Wild

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If you’d like to increase your chances of attracting more men you need to increase your sexual magnetic vibe. You may be saying, “eh, I already do that! The question is how are you doing it? Is it by dressing sexy or getting intimate as quickly as you can? A strong sexual aura goes way deeper than what you are wearing or the simple flirtatious techniques you may try.


The game of seduction and sexual magnetism gives you an edge over all women in the room. When your magnetic presence is strong it has a very impactful effect on the man you are trying to attract. What he feels is encased in a powerful essence, that is your personal essence, which takes him to another level of intense emotional feelings towards you.


If you have a desire to create a lasting impression on every man you meet then you must follow these three powerful techniques.


3 Seductive Techniques That Are Better Than Being Overtly Sexual


1.) Be a Mystery! There is nothing more unappealing than a woman who lays all her cards on the table at once. On a date some women will tell everything about their past experiences.


They’ll also tell the man everything about their lives. Some of those things may be quite heavy.


Naturally if someone is dating you, they will eventually want to know more about who you are but the worst thing you can do is to tell every last detail about your pass.


When you do this, it leaves nothing more to be discovered about you. To the other person its overwhelming, you have filled up their head and left nothing else to share later on.


2.) Create a seductive fantasy! Believe it or not people want to be seduced. There is nothing more titillating than experiencing life outside of the norm. The fantasy gives us a chance to lose ourselves in a fantastic world which excites our senses.


The feeling of discovering a new person as well as the excitement of sexual tension is extremely wonderful.

Few women know how to create such a climate for seduction. When you create a fantasy setting you stimulate all of the other person’s senses.


It is very hard to detach from someone who makes life seem more exciting and surreal. Would you not be super excited by a man who is not only attractive, loves what you love but is also able to take you into a peaceful world where all your worries disappear? You would fall madly in love with him and he would feel the same about you.


3.) Forget about your Looks for a change. Confidence is EVERYTHING!   It may sound like old rhetoric, but who better to promote you than you?


When you doubt yourself, you become like a sales man going door to door with a product he does not even believe in but is trying to convince you to part with your money in order to get it off his hands. It leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

Seductive women don’t rely on their looks. They rely on other things. They understand the psychology of the man and the power of their magnetic energy.


They understand the potent force of creating intense attraction. There is an invisible field of energy which causes others to become highly attracted to you and that supersedes what you look like.


So learn to tap into your inner magnetic field all while you build confidence. This will go a longer way in getting others to become hooked on to you.


I am sure you have seen the girl with the oversize thighs and her odd eyes get the best-looking guy. You may wonder what he sees in her, since she isn’t cute by your standards, but you are a woman and well a man is looking for way more. He only needs to feel the spark of her fire to get hooked.


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