3 Kinds of Women Men Are Not Attracted Too

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If you are among the many women who want to know how to attract men, then you may also want to know the three types of women men are not attracted to.


Just as women have a set standard or qualities which makes them avoid certain men; men also have the qualities that they are not too excited about in women as well.


Knowing the qualities that aren’t considered too attractive can only work to your advantage, so here they are.



The Overly Available Girl: One of the biggest mistakes too many women make is being super nice and super available. It’s understandable that many women feel that they must show the man that they are completely interested in him.


But what many women don’t understand is that there is a fine balance between showing interest and destroying the chemistry between themselves and the man they want.


When a woman is too available and too nice, men read this as being deeply insecure, too needy and having nothing going on.


He does not have to work for it, it’s being thrown at him. In a man’s mind that translates to one thing, no chase, no challenge, no value. It also makes him wonder if no one else wants you!


You should always balance your energy so that you are available but there are times when you are not available.


If every time he calls you are immediately available, it gives the impression that you have nothing going on in your life. It’s also not much of a challenge to a man when he can have access to you at will.


When he is unable to get in touch with you, every day on the dot, he will become more curious. You will give him something to think about.


If he calls you at the very same time every night, skip a day or two. Get busy, even if that means organizing your closet. He does not need to know exactly what you do on your off time, it’s just necessary that you take space for yourself to break up the routine and add a bit more intrigue.


The Self-Centered Woman: Are you one of those women who talk exclusively about yourself on a date?


Yes, you may be a highly ambitious person. You may have a lot to share with a man. You may also be very proud of your achievements, but you should never get so hyped up over yourself and your achievements that you can’t quiet your boastful chatter long enough to listen to him.


If you are the type who can go on and on about what happen to you in the day that you can’t take a moment to let him express himself, then you will run every man as well as friends away from you.


Any man you are with, needs to feel validated. They need to feel heard. A man wants to know that you are as interested in his day and what is going on with him as you are about sharing the events in your life.


Can you have a full conversation where the entire conversation is devoted to engaging him and his flow of thoughts? Or, are you the type who must always interject to turn what he has said back to your own life?


If you are that sort of person, check yourself. You may be the one to over talk and over share which is highly unattractive no matter how sweet and kind you are.


It can be such a turn off, that men would avoid you. It’s extremely important that you give him a platform to shine. Let it be exclusively about him sometime.


Looks Without Chemistry: There’s one thing you need to know when it comes to how to attract men. Men are attracted to sexy, confident women.


A sexy, confident woman may not always have the perfect face or the perfect body. Women who become preoccupied with how pretty they are will not always catch the guy. They may get him to look but they would not get him to stay or even to desire her.


There is a powerful influence in magnetism that dramatically affects how people think and feel about you and that goes way beyond how pretty you are or if you got your nails or your hair done.


Magnetism must be created; it has to be built and maintained. A pretty face has absolutely nothing to do with being magnetic.


Men have pretty girls all the time and have no uses for them the following day. You have to bring something more to the table. Something that has enough of an effect on him that makes you unforgettable.


Men thrive on excitement but he also wants to feel connected on a deeper level. When that is not there the man will begin to look elsewhere.


What’s  Common in these women…

What these three types of women have in common is a lack of chemistry, and a lack of magnetic pull.


Mystery gets his brain working. Whatever is a mystery must be uncovered. In the pursuit of uncovering this mystery is an opportunity for the woman to build chemistry. The stronger the pursuit, the stronger the chemistry. Without that equation you will be no more than a play thing for the day.

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